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Burtonverse is an unofficial appellation which refers to the continuity of the Batman film franchise produced between 1989 and 1997. The name is derived from Tim Burton, the director of the first two feature films and producer of the third film in the franchise. Although based on characters featured in mainstream DC Comics, the characters and settings within the Burtonverse take place in a separate continuity.

Films that take place within the Burtonverse include:

Comics that take place within the Burtonverse iclude:


  • Superman exists in the Burtonverse as Batman says in Batman and Robin "this is why Superman works alone"; though exactly how he exists is unknown, he and Batman at the very least seem acquainted based on Batman's comments. Tim Burton was actually going to direct Superman Lives before pulling out.
  • The Catwoman movie of 2004 suggests that it also takes place in the Burtonverse, with one of the pictures of previous Catwomen that Patience Phillips sees is that of Selina Kyle.

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