Publication information
Publisher D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd
Publication date 20 January 1973 to 4 January 1975
Number of issues 103

Buzz was an A3 (broadsheet) British comic that ran from (issues dates) 20 January 1973 to 4 January 1975, when it merged with The Topper. Buzz ran for 103 Issues.

List of Buzz comic strips

These are in alphabetical order and all numbers refer to issues of Buzz.

Strip Title Artist First Appearance Last Appearance Notes
Big Bad Moggy Peter Moonie 1 29 Not in 17,18,19. From 20 onward strip title changed to Moggy.[1]
Big Fat Flo Phil Millar 1 103 Not in 35 & 39.[2] Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Billy the Kidder Jimmy Glen /

Watson Kennedy

1 19[3]
The Buzzies and the Fuzzies Gordon Bell 5 103 Two groups of feuding creatures resembling Weebles; one group very hairy like Captain Caveman, the others with short buzzcuts. Not in 34,38,75,83,86,88,89,90.[4]
Calamity Kate George Martin 1 103 [5] A girl who inadvertently broke things
Cookie Tom Lavery 1 68 Not in 3,18, nor 32 to 67.
Fred the Flop Tom Lavery 1 103 [6] About an incompetent thief. Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Freeze Terry Patrick 66 90 An adventure story [7]
Good Knight Bill Ritchie 17 102 Not in 30, 31, 34, 36 to 38, 40 to 53, 68, 77, 81, nor 83 to 101.[8]
Gus the Galoot J Edward Oliver 1 16 [9]
Harum Scareum Gordon Bell 1 56 About a rabbit Harum and a farmer's dog Scarum in conflict over the farm's carrots. Not in 30.
Hop, Skip and Jock Malcolm Judge 1 103[10] About three boys whose strip consisted of large 'action' panels containing with numerous gags. Was the comic's only cover strip.
Jimmy Jinx And What He Thinks Ken Harrison 1 103 About a boy with the metaphorical 'good angel' on one side of his head and a 'bad angel' on the other. Not in 16.[11] Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Monty Moneybags Jimmy Glen 1 52 Not in 24, 25, nor 42 to 49.[12]
Nero and Zero Tom Bannister 1 40[13] About two incompetent Roman guards to Julius Caesar.
Nobby Bob McGrath 1 103[14] About a generic resourceful/mischievous boy. Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Olly's Occy Phil Milar 1 29 About a boy and his octopus called Occy. Not in 19,20,21,22,23,26,27.[15]
Postman Knox Various Artists 4 101 Not in 5.[16] Feature where reader's sent in jokes.
The Rooky Racers Alan Rogers 62 103[17] A strip with a similar premise to the cartoon Wacky Races.
Sammy's Scribbles Gordon Bell 18 103 Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Skookum Skool Ken Harrison 1 103 A similar strip to The Bash Street Kids. Continued in Cracker.
Sleepy Ed The nap-happy chappie John Aldrich 41 103 Continued in The Topper after the merger.
Spookum Skool Ken Harrison 60 103 A spinoff of Skookum Skool but with ghosts. Also continued in Cracker.
Tich and Snitch David Gudgeon 1 27 Anthropomorphic antics of a female elephant (‘Snitch’) and a male mouse (‘Tich’).
Top Tec George Martin 57 103
The Twitz of the Ritz Bill Ritchie 1 61
Uncle Dan the medicine man Bill Holroyd/Albert Holroyd 91 103 Reprints from The Beezer.[18] Another Adventure story.
The Whiteys and the Stripeys Tom Lavery 30 65 Another 'feuding rivals' strip, this time with two marooned sets of pirates on adjacent islands
Wig and Wam Arthur Martin 1 59 Two warring American Indians. Wam (the creepy older bad guy) and a young girl Wig. An unrelated strip of the same name (also about two American Indians) appeared in the first issue of The Dandy.
Willie the Wizard He's learning to spell Ken Hunter 1 17 [19] A strip about a wizard in training.


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