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-- Deadpool

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Synopsis for "Enema Of The State, Part 3: House of Mmmm"Edit

In their quest to find the missing Cable, Deadpool, Cannonball and Siryn land on the House of M world. Deadpool finds Cable as a baby, being taken care of by Mr. Sinister. Sinister claims not to be the evil scientist that Deadpool says he is and wants the child to grow up to become the savior of their world. Outside the farm where Sinister raises the child, Cannonball and Siryn are using Siryn’s powers to listen in on the conversation and plan for an action. Suddenly, a projection of Sinister appears to them and invites them to dinner. During dinner only Deadpool is eating, while Sinister tells them about the House of M world and how Magnus has taken over. Mutants are outnumbering humans now and rule the world. Sinister then reveals that he has drugged the food, because he wanted to study them, but is surprised to find Deadpool completely unaffected by the drugs. This, of course, means that Sam and Terry lose what little trust they have in Sinister and the three quickly plan to take the child away from him, and use Terry’s powers to prevent Sinister from hearing their plans. Sinister shows them his lab, which has tesseract conduits that can take a person anywhere on Earth. Sam requests for Westchester and Sam and Terry leave through the portal. Sinister then tells Deadpool that he knows Deadpool wants to take the child, but that he has his own plans. Sinister uses Deadpool’s healing factor to accelerate the baby’s growth. Sinister doesn’t know that accelerating the growth jumpstarts the baby’s powers and is surprised by the telekinetic might of baby Nate. Deadpool is blasted free by Nate’s unrestrained telekinetic power and tries to teleport away with the baby. The bodysliding doesn’t work, though, and, while Deadpool repeatedly tries to get it to work, Sinister tries to convince him that the world needs baby Nate to prevent a worldwide war after Magnus’ death in the near future. In the end, Deadpool and Nate disappear, but it’s not the bodyslide that is working, but the world of M returning to normal.


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  • House of M tie-in!

So-- here it is – sort of the conclusion to the epic world-hopping story arc as Deadpool, Cannonball and Siryn desperately search for the missing Cable. After scouring several alternate worlds and various alternate Cables, where they find the one TRUE Cable will come as a very, VERY big shock – and set up a whole new roller coaster ride for Marvel's oddest couple! (Part 3 of 3 – even though it really does continue into the next issue...)


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