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Cable and Deadpool’s enemy, Black Box, has finally been unmasked and turns out to be Gareb Bashur, the mutant formerly known as Commcast. His previous death at Deadpool’s hands was a clone. Bashur set up the Black Box identity as a new way of protection and needed the Dominus Objective to sort all the data that his mutant powers provided him with. Deadpool fights Black Box’s army of Rive and Makeshift clones. Since Black Box uses special frequencies to destabilize Cable’s techno-organic body parts, Cable uses his own link to the Dominus Objective to mentally transport Black Box and himself into the Infonet. There, Bashur tells Cable about his past and that he was planning to take over the world to save it from itself. Cable points out that Bashur’s plan wouldn’t work because, by then, Cable would already have saved the world. Cable ends the fight by using his own access to the Infonet to project his memories into Bashur’s mind, showing that Cable is the most likely to prevent the future Bashur is fearing. As a result, Bashur joins Cable. Meanwhile, Deadpool receives help against the clones in the form of The Cat and the B.A.D. Girls. The Cat destroys the cloning tubes, preventing more clones from being made, so the Rives and Makeshifts surrender. Bashur and Cable return from the Infonet and Bashur tells the mercenaries that they all work for Cable. Though the situation is resolved, Deadpool still doesn’t know who hired him. A few days later, Black Box has become a citizen of Providence, while Cable tells his friends about his new ability to tap into the Infonet. It turns out that Cable also hired Deadpool, though Deadpool doesn’t know. Cable calls Deadpool to offer him another job.


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  • The jiggly-wiggly conclusion to the BOSOM BUDDIES arc finds Cable & Deadpool cracking the Internet in half as the Black Box tries to drown them in information overload and prevent his TRUE identity from being revealed (X-Universe geek-alert!). Meanwhile, it's snakes vs. cats-- or at least the B.A.D. Girls versus the Cat--for control of the Dominus Objective "ears to the wall" program. Part 4 (of 4).


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