Canon Fodder was a 2000 AD strip by Mark Millar and Chris Weston (the second series, Dark Matter, was written by Nigel Long) about a canon called Fodder. It first appeared in prog 861 in 1993 (pictured) and hasn't been seen since prog 987 in 1995. The good canon is the last surviving member of the Priest Patrol, which also contained Deacon Blue, Father O'Blivion and Cardinal Syn. He was judging the 'Miss Purity 2000' pageant when the others were (allegedly) investigating the League of Anabolic Atheists and sucked into another dimension. Now he has to cope on his own with a near-future Earth in which the dead have risen from their graves and refuse to lie quietly when summarily executed for their 'sins'. The revenants include Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty, who it turns out were not only real people but also lovers. In the course of the series Canon Fodder meets God, Goddess, Sigmund Freud, Jules Verne, Albert Einstein and Lucifer.

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