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Captain America was an American comics character created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941; scrawny Steve Rogers was determined to serve his country despite being repeatedly rejected by the Army, and volunteered for a top secret experiment which transformed him into the USA's first super soldier! He had a lengthy career during the Golden Age of American comic books. Resurrected by Stan Lee in the pages of the Avengers in 1964 (having supposedly spent the intervening years frozen in an iceberg), he soon became a mainstay of the Marvel Comics universe battling foes such as the Red Skull, and was incorporated into the Marvel UK line initially as a member of the Avengers before his solo exploits began to be reprinted in titles such as The Titans and Super Spider-Man. He has also teamed up with Captain Britain (Brian Braddock).

Solo Title

Captain America was a 32 page weekly title launched by 'Marvel UK on 25 February 1981, featuring American Marvel reprints starring Captain America himself, plus Iron Man, the Defenders and Dazzler. From #21, it incorporated the short lived weekly Marvel Action, with the Defenders being replaced by the Fantastic Four, and with #37 it incorporated Marvel Super Adventure, and changed to a new format with a glossy cover rather than the original newsprint, and eight colour pages (including covers and centre pages). The centrefold was sometimes given over to a pull out poster. The title lasted 59 issues, to the 3rd of April 1982, and there was also a 52 page Captain America Summer Special issued in 1981. The first two issues included free gifts of superhero stickers, while issue 37 gave away a free Captain Britain mask. Marvel UK and Grandreams also issued a hardback Captain America Collectors Edition (in the same format as their usual annuals) in 1981, featuring reprints of classic Captain America stories drawn by artist Jim Steranko.

A previous 28 page Captain America reprint title was published in 1954 by L.Miller & Son, though this seems to have only lasted one issue.

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