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  • This is the first silver age issue of Captain America, in spite of the fact that it's listed as issue #100. This is because the title which was originally Tales of Suspense was renamed to Captain America. At the time Marvel was phasing out its old titles which originally were for science fiction, horror, and fantasy stories and soon became dominated by Iron Man and Captain America stories following the resurgence in popularity for super hero comics in the 1960's.
  • At the end of this issue, Black Panther tells Captain America he will consider taking his place in the Avengers. He will appear next in Avengers #51 where he joins the team as Captain America's hand-picked "replacement".
  • This issue contains the premiere of a new letters page, Let's Yap With Cap. Letters are published from Danny Dutelle, Deborah Tuerffs, Steve Polwort, Jim Meschwitz, D. Wayne Mathias, Ann Bausch, and Jeff Stackhouse.


  • The original submitted cover contained a large shadow of Baron Zemo. However, it was rejected and slightly altered, as the shadow was removed. This unpublished cover was reprinted alongside the story in Essential Captain America Vol 1.

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