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** {{a|[[Seth Voelker (Earth-616)|Sidewinder]]}}
** {{a|[[Seth Voelker (Earth-616)|Sidewinder]]}}
* {{a|[[George Tarleton (Earth-616)|MODOK]]}} {{Death}}
* {{apn|[[George Tarleton (Earth-616)|MODOK]]|Marvel 1985 #6|Captain America #315}} {{ApDeath}}
'''Other Characters:'''
'''Other Characters:'''
* Mr. Freedman/Mr. Freidman
* Mr. Freedman/Mr. Freidman

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Quote1 Such an ignominious state of affairs for the magnificent Modok...! Quote2
-- Modok

Appearing in "Mission: Murder Modok!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Previous MODOK Next (Apparent Death)

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Freedman/Mr. Freidman




Solicit Synopsis:Edit

The Captain America Hot Line gets a call that really burns up the wires and the all-new Serpent Society take on an assassination contract in "Mission: Murder Modok!"


  • Bushmaster has both of his arms blasted off by Modok in this issue. He will later have bionic arms attached to his body.


  • Mr. Freedman/Friedman has his name mistakenly spelled both ways this issue.

See Also

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #313 [1]
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