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  • This issue is reprinted in Captain America: Winter Soldier (Volume 1).
  • Artist Michael Lark does the penciling on the flashback sequences only (Pages 7.8, 10, 12 and two panels of pages 12, 14, 16-18).
  • William Nasland was a World War II era hero originally known as the Spirit of '76. His earliest chronological appearance was in Invaders (Volume 1) #14, but his first modern appearance was in What If (Volume 1) #4. After Captain America and Bucky disappeared at the close of World War II, William retired as the Spirit of '76 and became the second Captain America. He took on Fred Davis as the second Bucky.
  • Jeffrey Mace was a World War II era hero originally known as the Patriot. His earliest modern chronological appearance was in Marvel Premiere #29. After a robot called Adam II killed William Naslund, the second Captain America, Jeffrey Mace decided to retire as the Patriot to pick up the mantle and become the 3rd Captain America. Fred Davis continued to serve at his side as Bucky II. Captain America III's final appearance was in Captain America (Volume 1) #284.
  • Spirit of '76 was a 1970's creation of Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins. Although he is quite similar to the Fawcett Comics Golden Age Hero: "Fighting Yank", he is not a Golden Age Marvel character.


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