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Synopsis for "Fight Scene"

Captain Atom faces off with the Wildcats. However, the Wildcats decide not to fight against him all at once and play a game to see who goes first against Atom. Thinking them insane, Captain Atom decides to leave while they are "playing". But, Maul quickly wins the game, takes Atom by the foot, and smashes him into the ground. Maul pummels Captain Atom all the way into a subway station below. Atom, having previously tapped into the Pentagon's database, analyzes Maul and immediately knows his weaknesses. By manipulating the atoms surrounding Maul, Atom instantly reverts him back into Jeremy. Captain Atom sends Jeremy flying out of the station, and he lands some distance away from his team. Atom flies out of the hole and confronts the Wildcats.

Meanwhile, outside of Washington, Nikola Hanssen is reluctant to accept herself as a "superhero", but Grifter tells her that she is what she is, and she can either be a hero or a villain. Cole then receives a call from the Wildcats requesting his help.

Above Earth, Jenny Quantum and The Doctor of The Authority watch Captain Atom fighting Voodoo on their monitors aboard the Carrier. The two then decide to "invite" Captain Atom over.

Back on Earth, Voodoo almost has the advantage over Captain Atom by controlling the iron inside his bloodstream, but she is defeated when Atom sends a surge of information into Voodoo's mind, knocking her out. Warblade then attacks, and his blades can cut through Atom's skin. As Warblade taunts him, Atom simply blasts him away, knocking him into the base of the Washington Monument. This leaves Zealot the last opponent poised to fight Atom. He tries to reason with her to stop the fight, but Zealot refuses to comply. With her Kherubim sword, Zealot manages to deflect Captain Atom's nuclear powers and is poised to kill him. However, Atom saw a gas main while he was punched into the ground by Maul and detonates it right underneath them.

A distance away from the Washington Monument, Grifter and Nikola have arrived via his teleportation device behind a police barrier. Cole tells Nikola to concentrate her powers and teleport them to the scene of Captain Atom's battle. To her own surprise, she does. After exploding the gas main, Captain Atom checks an unconscious Zealot and finds her to be okay. He is then confronted by a battle-ready Grifter. But, before Grifter can fight him, The Doctor and Jenny Quantum create a Shift-Door for Atom and send him to the Moon. There, he is greeted by a lone figure who says she has been watching him for some time and plans to show him what "real power is all about."


  • This issue is reprinted in the Captain Atom: Armageddon trade paperback published in 2007.

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