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  • The event of the "Worldstorm" coincide with the DCU event of the Infinite Crisis in which it also recreated the DC universe. Eventually the designation of the Wildstorm Universe is revealed in 52 to be a part of the 52 Multiverse as Earth-50.
  • Jenny Quantum's disappointment with Hawksmoor's failure as being worse "than the time D.C. got destroyed and the team broke up," alludes to the events in The Authority: Revolution.
  • Captain Atom's return and his presence in Blüdhaven preludes to the events of the Infinite Crisis spin-off, the "Battle for Blüdhaven".
  • Apparently, Nikola Hanssen is the only one in the whole Wildstorm Universe to remember the reboot. Though, there are others in the post-Worldstorm issues who acknowledged the universe's reboot, and while some leading participants in Captain Atom: Armageddon vaguely remember, but couldn't recalled the entire events.
  • The issue is included with a one-page summation by Jim Lee.


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