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  • Earth Command



  • Space Shuttle

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[[wikipedia:File:Invasion Heroes 02.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Invasion! #2]]

  • This issue is an Invasion! First Strike extra, and a tie-in to the larger story told in the Invasion! miniseries. These crossovers take place in between Invasion! #1 and Invasion! #2, largely dealing with the Alien Alliance's assault on Earth and the way heroes around the world were participating in the initial war effort. This issue ends with the super-hero summit depicted in the beginning of the miniseries' second issue.


  • Captain Atom and Wade Eiling mention the burgeoning relationship between Margaret Eiling and Jeff Goslin.
  • Wade Eiling mentions that this is the second time Captain Atom has saved his life.Empty citation (help) 

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Invasion! Crossover
The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion!, during which an Alien Alliance led by the hostile super-scientist Dominators invades the Earth in an attempt to exterminate humanity. They wish to eliminate the metagene, for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future.
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