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Quote1 Listen, I don't care if it is an annual tradition. I'm not working with a team of funny-animals! Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "Crisis on Earth-C-Minus!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Earth-C
  • Earth-C-Minus
    • New Yak
      • United Nature Building
    • Sowdi Arabia
    • Palomino Canal
    • Floriduck
      • Cape Carnivore
    • Slothiet Union
      • Mosscow
        • The Gremlin
  • Earth-Two



Synopsis for "Crisis on Earth-C-Minus!"Edit

The JLA and Zoo Crew are trapped in limbo. Alley-Kat-Abra uses Magic Wanda to try to take them back to Earth-C-Minus and succeeds after a few tries. Feline Faust and Doctor Hoot are addressing the members of the United Nature as the new rulers of the planet when the heroes burst in. The villains tell them four of their comrades are currently striking in different parts of the world and the heroes split up to handle the crises.

Captain Carrot, Wonder Wabbit and Rubber Duck travel to Sowdi Arabia where Digger O'Doom is draining all the oil into diversion tunnels. Yankee Poodle, Fastback and Aquaduck go to the Palomino Canal which is being dismantled by Armordillo. Batmouse, Green Lambkin and Alley-Kat-Abra go to Cape Carnivore in Floriduck which Amazoo is attempting to destroy. Crash, Super-Squirrel and Pig-Iron travel to Mosscow of the Slothiet Union where the Shaggy Dawg is rampaging through the Gremlin. Each of the hero teams are successful and they regroup at the U.N. Building. Faust casts a spell on the politicians turning them into mindless slaves. Alley-Kat-Abra takes down Faust and Pig Iron disarms Doctor Hoot. The Zoo Crew travel back home to Earth C.


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  • Before making their way back to Earth C-Minus, the heroes journey to five other dimensions based on other cartoon characters including 1) Disney characters, 2) Krazy Kat, 3) Pogo Possum, 4) Tom & Jerry (or similar), and pre-Crisis Earth 2.

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