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Appearing in "The Secret of Easter Bunny Island"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of Easter Bunny Island"

This issue begins with Roger Rabbit and Felina Furr attending the world premier of Byrd Rentals' new movie "Smoke-eye and the Panda 12". The premier is interrupted by the appearance of a large robot with a head shaped like an owl's that intends to steal all money from the movie attendees. Roger and Felina quickly change to their superhero personas of Captain Carrot and Alley-Cat Abra, but the two of them are no match for the robot without help.

Alley-Cat uses her telepathy to contact the rest of the Zoo Crew, and Pig-Iron and Fastback answer the call. The four of them quickly defeat the robot and remove it's creator, the evil Dr. Hoot, from the robot's control center in its head. Just then Rubberduck and Yankee Poodle appear in the alter ego personas of Byrd Rentals and Rova Barkitt. Turns out that the two of them were so engrossed in Byrd's new movie that they didn't hear Alley-Cat Abra's call for help, which is a source of great frustration of Alley-Cat Abra.

Just as that battle finishes, they Zoo Crew are approached by none other than Oklahoma Bones... well, actually Oklahoma Bones Jr., the son of the famous archaeologist from the WW2 era. The famous archaeologist who fought the Ratzis from Verminy on several occassions and foiled their evil plans each time.

Okie (as Oklahoma Bones, Jr. calls himself) is the curator of a local museum and had just discovered his father's journal from WW2. The last mission that his father had done for "Uncle Ham" and the United Species had him going to Easter Bunny Island and find out why the Ratzis were so interested in the mysterious bunny head statues there. Also, if he deemed it necessary, it was his job to also stop any plans they had. When he arrived at the island, he found Baron Von Vermin uncovering alien easter eggs from under the statues. These eggs were put there for safe keeping by an ancient and power race of space bunnies, who had fought and defeated the monsters within the eggs from their own home planet. They had decided that after defeating the monsters, that their eggs should be banished to a completely useless planet as far away from anywhere interesting as possible where they couldn't possibly hurt anything of value if they were accidentally re-awakened. They, of course, chose Earth.

The Ratzis had deciphered most of the aliens' language and had collected all but one of the alien eggs when Oklahoma Bones Sr. arrived. He fought off the Ratzis and took the last egg back to the United Species and put the egg in deep freeze storage, where it was forgotten about until Okie found the journal.

During this account, Pig-Iron, becoming bored with the storytelling, decides to trot off to the kitchen for a snack. The only thing he can find is a brightly decorated easter egg in the freezer. Not having heard the account of where the egg comes from, he tries to fry up the egg as a snack, and is shocked when the egg turns out to be an evil Yolk Monster from space. He tries to subdue it, but fails and the monster escapes into the city.

The monster feeds on moisture and the Zoo Crew, after scolding Okie for keeping the egg where it could be so easily release by accident, tracks the monster across the city where it is on its way to the ocean. Knowing that if it reached the ocean, that there would be no way of stopping it, they try to stop it, and Fastback is almost destroyed when he gets stuck in the egg yolk. Just then, Okie appears and uses his dad's old friend, Whiply the snake whip, to save Fastback from certain doom. The Crew then uses their combined powers to first fry, then scramble the egg monster.

All seems well until Okie brings up the question of what the Ratzis did with the rest of the eggs they had already taken.

Just by happenstance, at just that moment in Waspington, D.C. the annual White House Easter Egg hunt is about to occur and President Mallard Fillmore personally thanks the ambassador from San Salvador for donating all the Easter Eggs. The abassador turns and is revealed to be none other than Baron Von Vermin and the eggs are exact copies of the one which nearly destroyed the Zoo Crew.

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