Captain Freedom
Speed Comics Vol 1 23.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Harvey Comics
First appearance Speed Comics #13 (1941)
Created by "Franklin Flagg"
In-story information
Alter ego Don Wright
Species Human
Team affiliations Young Defenders (Harvey Comics)
Liberty Corps (AC Comics)
Abilities none (Harvey Comics), superhuman strength (AC Comics)

Captain Freedom was a fictional Golden Age comic book superhero. His creator was identified as "Franklin Flagg" in the credits, but the identity of the individual behind the pseudonym remains unknown to this day. He first appeared in May 1941 on the pages Speed Comics #13, a Harvey Comics title. He continued to appear in Speed Comics until its cancellation. He was revived by AC Comics, where he became an inspiration for Liberty Corps, a minor superhero team composed of members (each identified as Captain Freedom) from around the world.

Fictional character biography

Captain Freedom was Don Wright, a newspaper publisher who adopted a costumed identity to fight agents of the Axis. He was assisted by Young Defenders, four kids who worked for him as deliverymen.

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