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  • In this issue, Captain Marvel is first granted the Protector of the Universe title, his cosmic awareness,and other internal changes. He also undergoes a few external changes, including his hair color changing from white to blonde.
  • The cover was originally drawn by Starlin and Milgrom with Romita redrawing Captain Marvel's head.
  • This story is Job # 16117 (seen on Page 1).
  • This is the first solo issue Jim Starlin writes without Mike Friedrich.
  • In this issue, Eon restores Mar-Vell's romantic interest Una's body but not her soul. Her story will be continued in Captain Marvel #40.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Bill Cldius, Duffy Vohland, and Rod Cutheart.


  • This iconic Jim Starlin cover for this issue has been used in various Marvel merchandising

especially in the 1970's. This includes Mar-Vell's 1974 Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp #9, [1] and his 1975 slurpee cup from the 7-11 convinence store chain.

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