Quote1 But... why? I fight for your country's enemy! Why did you not let me die? Quote2
-- Sgt. Joe Morita

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Synopsis for "Two Against HYDRA"Edit

Continued from last issue...

Capt. Savage and Sgt. Joe Morita continue their fight until Morita rams his head into a tree, rendering him unconscious. As Savage restrains Morita, a member of HYDRA hits Savage in the head from behind and ties him up with Morita. Baron Strucker decides to leave them tied together in order to observe and learn if they would be able to survive, thereby proving that they would be worthy to be recruited as HYDRA leaders. Using teamwork, the two commanders are able to free themselves and escape several HYDRA traps. Morita, however, is shot with a dart laced with a tranquilizer leaving Savage alone to deal with continuing their escape. Savage carries Morita on even as mortars are dropped on his position.

Meanwhile, both the Raiders & the Samurai Squad manage separate breakouts of their prison cells and join forces to storm the control room where they try to take Strucker prisoner. He holds the allied groups at bay by showing them their leaders being attacked by HYDRA agents that are at his control.

Continued next issue...


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