Carl Barks Library (CBL) is a series of 30 books with all Disney comics and covers written and/or drawn by Carl Barks. A few stories were modified, sometimes for production reasons and sometimes in an attempt to remedy censorship in the original publication, restoring the published work to Barks' original intent.[1] The books are collected in ten sets with three books in each, a total of about 7400 pages. It was published from 1983 to 1990 in the United States by Another Rainbow Publishing under license from The Walt Disney Company. The comics were printed (with a few exceptions) in black and white. In addition to the comics, there are numerous articles with background information.

IJuly 1984Four Color Donald Duck 9-223
IINovember 1986Four Color Donald Duck 238-422 and Donald Duck 26-138
IIIDecember 1984Four Color Uncle Scrooge 386-495 and Uncle Scrooge 3-20
IVNovember 1985Uncle Scrooge 21-43 and The Lemonade King
VApril 1989Uncle Scrooge 44-71 and The Christmas Carol
VIMay 1990Miscellaneous
VIIMarch 1988Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 31-94 and Large Feature Comics #7
VIIIAugust 1983Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 95-166
IXJune 1985Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 167-229
XAugust 1990Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 230-312 and an Index

Carl Barks Library is also a series of 141 comic book albums published 1991-1996 by Gladstone Publishing. In this version all stories are in full color.

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