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Carl E. Schultze

Real Name
Carl Emil Schultze

Date of Birth
May 25, 1866

Date of Death
January 18, 1939

Place of Birth
Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America

Foxy Grandpa

First publication


Personal History

Carl Emil Schultze was an American cartoonist, best known for creating the classic newspaper feature 'Foxy Grandpa'. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Schultze obtained a job at the Chicago Daily News in the 1880s. After doing general newspaper art and cartoon work for a couple of years, Carl Schultze moved over to the New York Herald, where he was asked to develop a strip. He introduced his initial concept of a shrewd old man, 'Grandpa'. The series was a text comic, with the dialogues written beneath the images. An assistant editor of the Herald said the old man looked foxy and suggested the full name for the strip. January 7, 1900, 'Foxy Grandpa', as well as Schultze's other feature, 'The Herald Vaudeville Show', were launched. Schultze signed the strips "Bunny".

Professional History

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