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Quotes by Shang-Chi (Earth-616)

Quote1 The girl [Sandy] surprises me. I have met her in a place which demands money in return for the 'teaching' of a skill which may only be learned ... through a process of self-effacement ... and yet she has learned. Quote2
--Shang-Chi (Earth-616)
Father ... you speak with absolute assurance, completely convinced that your vision is the only proper way... and, like all men who speak thus, you are mad. When next we meet, it will be as implacable enemies
— Shang-Chi

My eyes cross water to the gift of a symbol. It is a statue which represents freedom won at the cost of death... and while my studies in philosophy render such a concept false, my experience with the nature of man dictates that fallacy is often truth.
— Shang-Chi

I carry his last words into the cold night, and I walk long in their echo... until I decide, at last, that once again... my father has lied to me.
— Shang-Chi

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