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The Cavalier

Publication information
Publisher Nedor Comics
America's Best Comics (DC)
First appearance Thrilling Comics #53 (April 1946)
Created by Sam Cooper (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Rance Raleigh
Team affiliations SMASH
Abilities None

The Cavalier was a fictional character that appeared in comic books published by Nedor Comics. His first appearance was in Thrilling Comics #53 (April 1946). The Cavalier was later revived by Alan Moore for his work at America's Best Comics.

Nedor Comics

The Cavalier was the secret identity of Rance Raleigh. The Cavalier only made three appearances during the Golden Age: Thrilling Comics Nos. 53 and 54, and The Fighting Yank #25 (July 1948). No writer was credited for the stories; artist Sam Cooper provided the pencils and inks.

America's Best Comics

Alan Moore revived the Cavalier, along with many other Nedor Comics characters that had entered the public domain, for his Tom Strong series. In Tom Strong #12 (June 2001), the Cavalier was revealed to have been one of the members of SMASH that had been placed in suspended animation after an alien invasion from the moon in 1969. Awakened 30 years later, the Cavalier joined his former comrades in the fight against the alien. SMASH disbanded shortly thereafter, but reformed three years later. The Cavalier has since relocated to San Francisco.

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