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Caveman Inki is a 1950 cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.


Inki is out hunting dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. He gets assistant from thminah bird. The two go after a dinosaur and a saber-tooth tiger, while disrupting another caveman from making his pot of stew.


Inki is going hunting for food, he is joined along with his pet dinosaur. While the two are walking a volcano splits, and reveals a bird that has a hopping walk. Inki chases after the bird, but ends up caught between a Saber-Tooth Lion that wants Inki for his top knot.

The lion chases Inki and vice versa. While constantly running into a caveman that is trying to cook a stew (Of course it's a running gag in the story). The dinosaur is also out to get the Mynah Bird, but ends up getting caught by the bird.

The caveman who is cooking the stew finally catches Inki and the Lion because they keep ruining his stew. At the end however he discovers that the bird has eaten all of his stew.


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