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Central Park is a large urban recreation area located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is bordered by Central Park West, Central Park North and Columbus Circle. Central Park is a key location in the DC Universe and has been the site of many memorable battles between the various heroes and villains populating the five boroughs of New York.

In 1976, the super-villain known as the Silver Ghost attempted to poison the New York City Reservoir at a strategic location within Central Park. At the time, he had been blackmailing three members of the Freedom Fighters into helping him, but when Uncle Sam, the Ray and the Human Bomb learned what the Ghost had planned, they turned againt him and stopped him from poisoning millions of New Yorkers. The Ray fought with the Ghost and used water from one of the nearby ponds to short out the villain's armor. [1]

Cyborg of the Teen Titans often came to Central Park to entertain teacher Sarah Simms and her disabled students. Fellow Titan Starfire once prevented a young boy from being trampled by a runaway horse carriage. [2] The murder of Bison-Black-As-Midnight-Sky took place at Central Park, leading to a confrontation between his grandson Black Bison and the super-hero known as Firestorm. Black Bison used the magic from his coup stick to animate the horses on the carousel as well as the characters on the Alice in Wonderland statue. [3]

Not long after, Central Park was also the scene of a fight between the Teen Titan known as Changeling and the twisted teen villain Terra. Changeling was able to subdue her long enough to bring her back to Titans Island. [4]

A short time later, the costumed villain known as the Electrocutioner used lethal force to stop two muggers from attacking a young woman. [5]

An agent of the villainous Wildebeest Society attacked Joey Wilson and his friend, Lisa Eng, while they were jogging through the park. Joey's teammates in the Titans came to his aid and also had a confrontation with the Wildebeest. [6]

Central Park was where the new Conglomerate established themselves as a credible super-hero team. During a concert in the park, the Conglomerate fought against an upgraded version of Amazo. The heroine known as Echo used her powers to counter Amazo's energy blasts, weakening him long enough for Nuklon to tear out the villain's robotic innards. [7]

Central Park was also the scene of a live satellite debate between two controversial pundits named Austin Phipps and Cyrus Bramett. Their racially charged rhetoric prompted a series of riots that took place from the park all the way back to Times Square and even some parts of Greenwich Village on the other side of the island. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) quelled the riots and exposed the broadcast as a massive hoax orchestrated by a mass murderer named Nicholas Kotero. [8]

Points of Interest

  • Alice in Wonderland Statue
  • Beau Bridge
  • Belvedere Castle
  • Carousel
  • Cleopatra's Needle/Obelisk
  • Literary Walk
  • Strawberry Fieldsf
  • Toad Pond


  • Central Park is an actual location that exists in the borough of Manhattan.


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