Former type Comic publisher
Industry Comics
Founded 1995
Defunct 2005

Central Park Media Was part of Central Park Media Corporation. .


  • Total Number of Series: 56
  • Total Number of Issues: 434

CPM Press

For a list of titles distributed by CPM Press, see the CPM Press category

CPM Press (originally CPM Comics, then CPM Manga) was the manga and manhwa publication division.[1][2][3] Manga titles were published under the label CPM Manga, and manhwa under CPM Manhwa. CPM also had an adult division under CPM Press known as Bear Bear Press, which largely published Americanized versions of some of their Anime 18 releases such as La Blue Girl. This division started in 1996 and folded the same year releasing only La Blue Girl and Demon Beast Invasion. Some of these titles were published under the Manga 18 imprint (see Anime 18).

Anime 18

For a list of titles distributed by Anime 18, see the Anime 18 category

Anime 18 (A18 Corporation) was Central Park Media's distribution division for pornographic anime.[4] Among its releases were Toshio Maeda's Legend of the Overfiend and La Blue Girl.[5] The release of Legend of the Overfiend was the first hentai released in America.[6] A18 released its titles under several labels, with the main label - Anime 18 - used for hentai and yaoi anime, Manga 18 for manga and manhwa pornography, and Be Beautiful Manga for yaoi manga. Some A18 titles were also being re-released under the Anime HotShots label.[citation needed] When Central Park Media went bankrupt in 2009, the licenses for some of Anime 18's products and movies were transferred to Critical Mass and Kitty Media.[7]

Manga 18

Manga 18 was an English-language publisher of pornographic manga & manhwa which was the manga counterpart of Anime 18 and successor to Bare Bear Press.

Be Beautiful Manga

The counterpart of Anime 18 that specialized in yaoi manga. On March 19, 2007, Japanese yaoi publisher Libre announced that Be Beautiful Manga was illegally translating and selling their properties to their original owners.


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