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After reports of a criminal named Vreedl who has some how gained mystical flame powers the Challengers are called by June Robbins to an expedition she is on with Professor Brandon are on, the Challengers are told of the mysterious Star-Stone, a powerful stone that would grant temporary powers. When it becomes known that someone is finding each of the four stones for ill gotten gain, the Challengers quest to bring this person to justice. The crook named Vreedl has been using the gems for his own gains, using the fire opal to gain flame powers, an emerald that makes him fly, and a pearl that give aquatic and electrical powers, Vreedl manages to keep the Challengers at bay with each time he captures a stone from the various locations on Earth.

Gathering the final of the four stones, Vreedl gains a new super-powered form, however Ace tricks him into smashing it into bits for fear somebody else might gain the same powers. However with the stones destruction Veedl's powers are destroyed as well and he is returned to normal, and is taken into custody.



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