Chaos! Comics
Former type List of comic book publishing companies
Industry Comics]]
Genre horror
Founded 1994 in comics
Defunct 2002 in comics
Headquarters Scottsdale, Arizona
Key people Brian Pulido]]

Chaos! Comics was a comic book publisher that operated from 1994 until 2002, mostly focusing on horror comics]]. Their titles included Lady Death]], Purgatori]], Evil Ernie]], Chastity (comics)|Chastity]], Jade (Chaos Comics)|Jade]], Bad Kitty (comics)|Bad Kitty]], and Lady Demon]]. Chaos! creators included Brian Pulido]], Steven Hughes]], Al Rio]], Mike Flippin]], Justiniano]], and Hart D. Fisher]].


Chaos also published licensed comics for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and several bands.


Chaos was founded in 1994 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Writer Brian Pulido]] was the company's president.

The company dealt with a copyright infringement accusation in 1997, when horror writer Nancy A. Collins]] claimed they'd based the Chastity character and storyline on her character Sonja Blue]].[1][2]

Chaos Comics filed bankruptcy in late 2002,[3] with all characters (save Lady Death) being sold off to Tales of Wonder (publisher)|Tales of Wonder]]. Prior to the bankruptcy, rights to Lady Death]] were sold to Crossgen]] Comics;[4] prior to Crossgen's bankruptcy those rights were then sold to Brian Pulido]] and Avatar Press]].


Doomsday was a one-off thrash metal]] album released in 1995 by the company. The album features a trio, originally from Van Nuys, California]] but who, at some time between 1995 and 1997, moved to Phoenix, Arizona]], playing energetic bass heavy thrash. The CD was released in limited quantity to help promote the Lady Death and Evil Ernie comic franchises. The album cover features Evil Ernie beneath the Doomsday logo. The trio played at DragonCon]] '97,[5] but had little or no commercial success beyond this. Doomsday also played At ChillerCon, NJ in 1997 with Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis Co-Starring in the on stage performance as the maiden victim.

Track listing

  1. "Inceptive Psychosis" 1:12
  2. "Beyond Death" 5:17
  3. "Cyborg Killing Machine" 3:36
  4. "Who Am I" 4:46
  5. "Black Sorrow" 4:20
  6. "Resurrection" 4:00
  7. "Chaos! Rules" 3:38
  8. "Lost Insanity" 5:13
  9. "I Dream" 3:52
  10. "I Am Dead..." 1:52
  11. "Die With Me" 1:48


  • Mike Flippin Guitars and Singing|vocals]]
  • Dave Chaney Bass Guitar]]
  • Johhny Ogle Percussion instrument|percussion]]


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