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Charles Paris

Charles paris

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Personal History

Charles Paris
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Born (1911-09-25)September 25, 1911
Died March 19, 1994(1994-03-19) (aged 82)
Nationality American
Area(s) Inker
Notable works Metamorpho

Charles S. Paris (September 25, 1911 – March 19, 1994) was a comic book artist who predominantly worked as an inker, mainly for DC Comics.


Early life

Paris was born in 1911, and moved to New York in 1934.[1] In Spring 1941, Paris met Jack Lehti, and soon after began work inking and lettering Lehti's Crimson Avenger in the pages of Detective Comics.[1] From there, Paris started work in the DC 'bullpen', inking characters such as Airwave, and later working on Vigilante and Johnny Quick, among other characters.[1]


He with Bob Kane on the 1943-46 Batman and Robin newspaper strip, inking most of its run.[1] When that strip ended, Paris was employed by DC Comics as an inker on a number of Batman comic stories and covers, predominantly inking the work of Sheldon Moldoff and Dick Sprang.[1] Despite working on Moldoff's pencils for a number of years, the pair never met, Moldoff recalling "The field was very competitive, and you rarely hobnobbed with people, because there was always somebody waiting for your job."[2] During Paris' run on the book the character Batmite was introduced.[2] In addition to his inking work, Paris penciled two issues of the Batman title - #42 and #46.

Paris worked on Batman titles until 1964.[1]

Other work

Paris's last regular assignment from DC was inking the self-titled Metamorpho comic book, for which he inked 15 of the 17 issues between July 1965 and December 1967.[3]

Outside of the comics field, during the late 1940s and early 1950s, "Paris produced a variety of artwork... including Western genre paintings."[1]

He died in 1994 in Arizona.[1][4]


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