Universe Sigilverse
Planet type Earth-like, Magical energies abound
Notable races Human
Creator Mark Alessi
Genre Magical Fantasy

Ciress is a fictional planet, situated in CrossGen comic's fictional universe, the Sigilverse. It features primarily in the American comic book series Mystic.


Ciress is known for an unusually high concentration of Universal Energies. It has three moons, one of which serves as the meeting place for the Guild Masters. Aside from the mountainous areas, Ciress is a warm planet, with climates ranging from tropical to temperate. Ciress' human population have the ability to channel Universal Energies through magic spells and ritual gestures. The magic also lies in the core of the planet's advanced technology, serving both as the power source and/or the principal mechanism behind its operation.


Ciress is ruled by seven Guild Masters, each representing seven major branches of magic. Six hundred years ago, the Guild Masters fought each other for supremacy, but the arrival of Animora, an exiled member of the god-like First, forced them to put aside their differences. After successfully trapping Animora in an alternate plane of existence, the Guild Masters discovered that their spirits were permanently anchored to the mortal plane. This allowed them to survive beyond their natural lifespans and advise their successors when needed.


  • Astral
  • Dark Magi
  • Djinn
  • Enchantress
  • Nouveau
  • Shamanic
  • Tantric
  • Tarot (Defunct)

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