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The reprint includes three new pages with additional material. For a synopsis of what was added:

  • In Greenwich Village, the rear end of the Phoenix is seen while the rest of her body has just entered the stargate. She is leaving after the other The X-Men. Behind her are Professor X (seated on the ground) and Misty Knight. Misty asks the Professor what has he done, and where has he sent the X-Men. He replies that he does not know where they are going. But he is certain that if they fail in this mission the universe will be doomed.
  • The traveling X-Men are lost in their respective thoughts.:
    • Cyclops is thinking about "Jean". How she used to be the weakest X-Man. And now she is the Phoenix, blasting through the heavens without batting an eyelash. She has changed a lot since becoming the Phoenix. He doubts if there place in Phoenix's life for him anymore.


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