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Other Characters:

  • Charley Sandy - police deputy (Single appearance)[1]
  • Damien McLanahan - police sergeant (Single appearance)[1]




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Back cover pinup.


Main Story Notes

  • Although it is never mentioned by name in this issue, the Canadian agency that both Weapon Alpha and Wolverine associated with is called Department H.

Dearest Friend Notes

  • The final page of this story continues on the inside back cover.
  • Earliest chronological appearances of Banshee. Chronologically, Banshee appears next in flashback in X-Men Annual #3.
  • First known appearance of Maeve Rourke. Following events from this story, Maeve and Sean eventually get together and have a child named Theresa.


  • This is the first comic book issue where Wolverine is referred to as Weapon-X.
  • Wolverine is still wearing Fang's Imperial Guard costume from issue #108 in the beginning of this story.
  • On page 5, Cyclops remarks about how different Jean Grey has become in recent weeks. Originally, writer Chris Claremont intended Jean Grey and the Phoenix to be the same person. It wasn't until years later that it was revealed that the Phoenix entity and the true Jean Grey were completely separate characters. However, Cyclops' dialogue in this issue helps to support the retroactive continuity as it relates to the Phoenix storyline.

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