Quote1 You ain't done makin' mistakes, bub, not be a long shot. Quote2
-- Wolverine (Logan)

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Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

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  • This issue is also reprinted in Essential X-Men #2.
  • This begins a new storyline which concludes next issue.
  • This is the last issue of the series under the title, Classic X-Men. Beginning with issue #46, the series becomes known as X-Men Classic.
  • Beginning with this issue, the title no longer provides original back-up stories, replacing the material with more advertisements.


  • Taking the name Sprite, Kitty Pryde becomes an official member of the X-Men in this issue.
  • Wolverine begins wearing a brown and orange costume as per this issue. He will continue to wear this costume until X-Men #4.
  • Wolverine's civilian name, Logan, is revealed in this issue. At this point in time, Wolverine doesn't remember that his true name is James Howlett.
  • The story's title ...Something Wicked This Way Comes!, is taken from a line of dialogue from Act IV, Scene I of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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