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Claudio Chiaverotti

Real Name
Claudio Chiaverotti

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Date of Birth
June 20, 1965

Place of Birth
Turin, Province of Turin, Italy


First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Claudio Chiaverotti is unknown.

Professional History

Claudio Chiaverotti (Turin, June 20, 1965) is an Italian comic book writer.

Chiaverotti studied to become a dental technician, attended law school, but then dedicated himself completely to writing comic books.

He debuts in 1986 writing humorous strips for Sturmtruppen, Bonvi's Nazi soldiers.

In 1989 he arrives at Bonelli and becomes a stable member of the Dylan Dog writing staff.

Chiaverotti's debut issue is #34, dated June 1989, Il buio (The Darkness), drawn by Pietro Dall'Agnol; while his last (#205) dates back to September 2003 and is titled Il compagno di scuola (The Schoolmate), drawn by Roberto Rinaldi. He wrote fifty issues of Dylan, as well as Speciale Dylan Dog #8 and 10, Almanacco della Paura 1992, 1995, 1997, Maxi Dylan Dog #3-5.

In June 1998 sees the debut of his creation Brendon, which he also plots and scripts, a fantasy comic book series about the adventures of a mercenary knight in a post-apocalyptic world.

He was also one of the writers in Zona X, in addition to writing fifteen issues of Martin Mystère as well as Martin Mystère Extra #6.

Noteworthy Issues

Dylan Dog Vol 1 34

Dylan Dog #34 (July 1989), his first issue as writes

Brendon Vol 1 1

Brendon #1 (June-July 1998), the debut of his creation


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