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City: 82.4 sq mi (213.4 km²); Land: 77.6 sq mi (200.9 km²); Water: 4.8 sq mi (12.5 km²)
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Action Comics #1


In the 1930s (on Earth-Two), Cleveland was known as the base of operations for the mystery man known as Superman. When not adventuring as the Man of Steel, Superman assumed the guise of mild mannered Clark Kent, ace reporter of the Cleveland News, and later the Daily Star.[1]

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Action Comics Vol 1 1 has Clark Kent of Earth-Two working at the Daily Star. Action Comics Vol 1 2, which continues the story from the previous issue, has Clark Kent mailing photographs to the Evening News of Cleveland. By Action Comics Vol 1 16 the Daily Star was retconned to be in Metropolis instead.


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  1. Later stories retroactively altered the location of these stories, relocating them to the fictitious city of Metropolis.
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