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A man is shown taking some aspirin bottles, as we move on to Cloak in an alley way needing to feed his darkness. He observes a pimp telling his hooker that she won't get the dope till she brings in money after punching her this enrages Cloak and he over takes the pimp in darkness, until the hooker pleads with him to give Johnny back he reluctantly frees him from his cloak of darkness. Dagger appears on the seen and lets Cloak freed on her light while the hooker complains about what they did to johnny Dagger walks over to her and purifies her of the dope in her body. Cloak & Dagger then retreat to local church where a wake is going on for a lady who died after taking a Tylenol tablet that was filled with cyanide. They over hear a converstation between the priest and a detective named Brigid O'Riely. Dagger test out her power and attempts to revive the lady but to no avail she is to far gone. Cloak & Dagger then visit the detective to offer there assistance in finding this mad man and she agrees. They discuss where and who it might be, she tells them his name is Duane Hellman and he been fired from 3 neighborhood drugstore, and his next strike might be at Ray's Pharmacy. Cloak & Dagger find him there sure enough tampering with the children's aspirin which upsets both of them Dagger hit's him hard with her Light knifes, Hellman gets back up and starts to fire his shot gun at Cloak, but the bullets are merely eaten up by the darkness. Cloak then engulfs Hellman in the darkness Detective Brigid O'Riely tries to reach out an pull Hellman back but the cold is just to much and Cloak devourers him in the darkness. Brigid O'Riely then gives them a lecture and story ends.


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