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Issue 593, 1915

Comic Life (called Pictorial Comic Life until issue 79) was a weekly comic which ran from 1898 to 1928, lasting 1,465 issues. It was originally published by James Henderson & Sons Ltd, but was aquired by Amalgamated Press in 1920 and merged into My Favourite two years later.[1]

Strips included...

  • "Breezy Yarns by Briny Bill"
  • "Burglar Bertie" (George Davey)
  • "Fatty, the Acrobat"
  • "Gip and his Giraffe" (Walter Holt)
  • "Jakey and Fritz" (George Davey)
  • "The Merry Boys of Dingle School" (Bertie Brown)
  • "Our Fat Tramps"
  • "P.C. Neverwait"
  • "Peter's Pets"
  • "Pitch and Toss" (Joe Hardman)
  • "Private Ramrod" (Walter Booth)
  • "Pyjama Percy and Balmy Bill" (Pip Martin)
  • "The Red Lion Scouts" (Harry O'Neill)
  • "Scientific Silas"
  • "Septimus Bumps and Family" (E. Thorpe Dickens)
  • "Spick and Span (Freddie Adkins)
  • "Strongheart the Magnificent" (G. William Backhouse)
  • "Tall Thomas and Butterball" (Harry O'Neill)
  • "Tibby, Tabby and Tubby" (L. Church)


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