Comic Media
Horrific Vol 1 3
Status defunct: 1954
Founded 1952
Founder Allen Hardy
Country of origin United States of America
Headquarters location New York City
Key people Pete Morisi
Publication types Comic books
Fiction genres horror, action/adventure, western
Imprints Artful Publications

Comic Media was a short-lived comic book company owned by Allen Hardy that existed in the 1950s. Its titles were mainly action/adventure, western, and horror. Its most notable character was Johnny Dynamite, created by Pete Morisi.


When Comic Media became defunct, the company sold its titles and characters to Charlton Comics. Charlton then continued Dynamite as Johnny Dynamite, with work by Morisi, who continued to work for the company for many years. Johnny Dynamite would later be purchased by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty and reprinted in their Ms. Tree title and a miniseries they created.

Notable titles

  • All True Romance (20 issues, 1951–54) (romance) — acquired by Farrell Publications
  • Danger (11 issues, 1953-53) (espionage)
  • Death Valley (6 issues, 1953-54) (western)
  • Dynamite (9 issues, 1953-54) (action, Johnny Dynamite in issue #3 on)
  • Horrific (13 issues, 1952-54)
  • Weird Terror (13 issues, 1952-54)

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