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Command D was one of several bunkers once used by the United States Air Force in the years leading up to the Great Disaster. Command D's primary function was that of a strategic planning center. The bunker included a single above-ground level as well as at least one sub level. Command D survived the destruction wrought by the Great Disaster and became the base of operations for a single occupant, Buddy Blank. Buddy shared the bunker with his young grandson, Kamandi (who was named after the facility) and remained there until he was an old man.

When Kamandi was a teenager, two evolved wolves named Fen and Stek raided the bunker in the hopes of finding old secret maps. They encountered Buddy Blank and gunned him down in cold blood. Kamandi came upon his grandfather's corpse and fought back against the wolves. He lured them into the sub-levels whereupon he used some exposed wiring to electrocute them. Kamandi abandoned the facility and would not return to it for many years.

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