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Conan and his companions Zephra and Elric approach the Sighing Lake where the other-dimensional city of Yagala stands. They are attacked by demons, but easily defeat them and make their way to the shores. They are forced to craft a boat from the ribcage of a giant skeletal creature while Sephra's father, Zukala, watches them through a magical portal. The three reach Kulan-Gath, who is attempting to summon the dread Terhali of Melnibone in order to gain supreme power. He believes the others were sent by Thoth-Amon, but before anything can be done, Prince Gaynor and his armies appear and all hell breaks loose. Kulan-Gath manages to complete his spell and Terhali rises from the dead. Elric defeats, but is unable to kill, Gaynor, and Kulan-Goth annoys Terhali to the point where she kills him. Elric and Conan attack the witch-queen but she knocks them both unconscious. Zephra becomes possessed by Arkyn, a Lord of Law and enemy of Terhali. The now powerful Zephra destroys Terhali, but dies in the process. Elric returns to his dimension as the city of Yagala crumbles and is swallowed by the Sighing Lake. Conan gives Zukala his daughter's body and rides away.


  • Plot by Moorcock and Cawthorn, script by Thomas.
  • Letters (story pages): Rosen pages 1-10, Wohl? (uncredited) pages 11-21.
  • synopsis by YardIHS


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