Appearing in "Beneath the City of Shadows"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Utu the Guardian

Other Characters:


  • Somewhere in the wasteland bordering the southern reaches of the Vilayet sea



Synopsis for "Beneath the City of Shadows"Edit

Conan comes to the city of shadows in search of Abu Dhaak's jewels. Conan fights through several monsters in the city including the guardian of the jewels, Utu. Conan eventually finds the giant jewels thrust skyward outside the city cliffside over Vilayet sea. The twin jewels contain eldritch power that Utu feeds off. The final battle between Conan and Utu takes place. Conan forces Utu to absorb too much power from the jewels and made Utu explode destroying itself and the jewels. Conan dives into the Vilayet sea to save himself.


  • Plot by Santino and Semeiks, script by Santino.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Conan steals a religious cult's most sacred artifact and finally returns it.


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