Appearing in "The Twilight of the Grim Grey God!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Borri, the Grey God
  • Dunlang
  • Eevin
  • King Brian


  • Choosers of the Slain
  • Malachi

Other Characters:

  • King Tomar
  • Kormlada



  • Conan's sword

Synopsis for "The Twilight of the Grim Grey God!"Edit

As Conan once again tries to break his slave chains, he is approached by a man who claims war is coming. The man reveals to Conan the flying-horse-riding Choosers of the Slain and in general acts mysterious and godlike. Conan soon comes across Dunlag, a Brythunian, and learns war is brewing between Hyperborea and Brythunia. Dunlag takes Conan to his camp and they meet Dunlag's lover, Eevin. Meanwhile, in the woods, Brythunian commander Malachi secretly meets with the consort of King Tomar of the Hyperboreans. Malachi agrees to betray Brian, king of Brythunia. Back in the Brythunian camp, Eevin sees visions of the Grey God Conan met earlier, but Dunlag is determined to fight. Conan joins the Brythunians, mostly to get revenge for being enslaved by the Hyperboareans, and meets Malachi. The two do not get along. The armies clash the next morning and Conan gets revenge on several Hyperboareans, especially one particular one who whipped him. However, oddly, Malachi refuses to bring his cavalry to bear. Conan suspects treachery. Dunlag is killed, which enrages Conan and he chases and kills Malachi, Brian and Tomar meet and both slay the other as the Grey God watches. The Choosers of the Slain fly from the sky and take the honored dead as Conan realizes he had just encountered the god Borri.



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