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  • Flashpoint

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Synopsis for "Team Work"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Geoff Johns and Beth Sotelo receive special thanks in this issue.
  • It is unclear exactly when Convergence occurs in time in the DC Universe. The original Guardians of the Universe witness the arrival of Telos into Prime Earth, but they could not have been present if Guy Gardner was a Red Lantern; his membership in the Red Lantern Corps was only a result of the death of the Guardians. Furthermore, Jediah Caul and several members of the Red Lantern Corps depicted in this issue were previously killed.


  • The encounter between the Flashes of Earth-One and Earth 2 is a reference to "The Flash of Two Worlds" story in Flash #123, which introduces the first meeting between the Flashes of Pre-Crisis Earth-One and Earth-Two, and the concept of the multiverse.

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