Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
First appearance Youngblood #1 August 1992
Created by Rob Liefeld
In-story information
Alter ego Daniel Tsuchida
Team affiliations Youngblood
Abilities cat-like abilities inherent in his Jakarran ancestry
Cougar is a fictional comic book superhero from Image Comics. Created by Rob Liefeld, he first appeared in Youngblood #1 April 1992.

Fictional character biography

In 1967 the paleobotanist Megan Tsuchida was captured by the Jakarrans, while on an expedition in Zaire. While in captivity, she and one of her captors, king Khylund, fell in love and Daniel Tsuchida (aka Cougar) was borne. The birth of a half-breed was an offence to the Jakarrans, so Khylund and Megan had to escape. During the escape Khylund died ensuring the escape of Megan and Cougar. Megan returned to the US where she raised Cougar. Later Cougar was offered a position in Youngblood which he accepted.

Cougar became the leader of the Jakarrans when he bested Lynx, the leader of the tribe, who had kidnapped his mother. After the fight, he went back with Youngblood but remained leader of the Jakarrans.

Cougar worked with a team composed of Masada, Sentinel, Dutch, Riptide and Photon.[1] They fought several powerful entities such as the giant energy being called the 'Never Man'.[2] Along with much of the super-powered community, Cougar has a small part to play in the murder trial of the hero Knightsabre.[3] Later, he would undergo temporary age reversal along with many of his Youngblood allies.[4]

USA sponsored Youngblood

Cougar returns to a United States sponsored super-team. He teams with Shaft, Diehard, Doc Rocket, Johnny Panic and the young Badrock. As with all his other teammates, Cougar gains representative action figures and stars in the 'Youngblood' cartoon the team sponsors create. The team also gains a false rivalry with an entirely marketed and controlled 'super-villain' team called 'Mayhem Inc.' Cougar's marketed rival is 'Warwolf', another bestial man. Cougar suffers through the seeming death of Shaft. When the man returns, Cougar abandons all pretense of working with the government and joins most of his teammates in searching out an approaching cosmic threat.[5]

Later adventures would thrust Cougar into the spotlight, literally. For example, Youngblood faces down several villains, live on prime time.[6]

Cougar makes several appearances in Image United, a crossover in which all the Image Universe villains form one cohesive army.[7]

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