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Quote1.png You can't lead an invasion on American soil just because you're angry. Quote2.png
--Superwoman (Earth-11)

Appearing in "Superwoman/Batwoman"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Luthor (Earth-11)

Other Characters:

  • Justice League
  • Black Canary (Earth-11)
  • Red Tornado (Earth-11)
  • Firestorm (Earth-11)
  • Green Arrow (Earth-11)
  • Blue Beetle (Earth-11)
  • Plastic Woman (Earth-11)
  • Martian Manhunter (Earth-11)
  • Freedom Fighters (Earth-11)
  • Black Condor
  • Columbia
  • Demon
  • Human Bomb
  • Phantom Man
  • Ray
  • Booster Gold (Earth-11) (Mentioned)
  • Maxine Lord (Earth-11) (Mentioned)
  • Zatara (Earth-11) (Mentioned)



Synopsis for "Superwoman/Batwoman"Edit

The Challengers from Beyond secretly observes and kept themselves from non-interfering the gender-reversed world of Earth-11 on Monitor Bob's request, who strongly believes that Ray Palmer is already present on the planet. On this Earth, it follows exactly to the events on New Earth despite the reverse-gender roles of its heroes and villains as Dane of Elysium Island (aka Wonder Man) leads his male Amazons and declares war on "Woman's World", in response for being banished for killing Maxine Lord over the murder of Booster Gold.

The Justice League of America are summoned to the call by Superwoman and due battle with Dane and his Amazons. As Superwoman and the other Leaguers fights Dane; Bob and the Challengers continues being uninvolved while Bob tries to detect Ray Palmer. Just as the Leaguers has the winning advantage, Dane calls forth the Titans Hyperion and Phoebus (who are also gender-reversed versions of their respective counterparts). The JLA are then joined by the Freedom Fighters and are able to keep the winning edge in their favor. The Challengers joins in as well despite Bob's protests, and the heroes are able to subdue Dane and his forces with the help of the Earth-11 Atom, who is responsible for shutting down Dane's brain.

The Earth-11 heroes are all confounded by the Challengers' presence and learns from them of their search for the New Earth Atom. The Earth-11 Atom acknowledges that she had met her male counterpart and received the Palmer mark in response to the upcoming great disaster. Also she has sworn with Ray into not revealing this to anyone, nor his current location. The Challengers again leave for another Earth.


  • DC Comics Description: In a world of gender-reversal, an army of Greek warriors led by Wonder Man march against Washington and the JLA! The Challengers must battle to find Ray Palmer and to stop the Multiverse-spanning war.
  • The events of Earth-11 is a parallel to Amazons Attack!, and including references to its version of the Infinite Crisis in which the denizens of Earth-11 notes that Booster Gold was killed by Maxine Lord (Maxwell Lord's female counterpart) instead of the Blue Beetle.


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