Quote1 Hey, Ring Boy, or whatever the hell you call yourself...don't come back. Quote2
-- Midnighter

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The Challengers from Beyond, which consists of Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, Bob the Monitor, are searching for Ray Palmer, who seems to be the only one who can stop the fore-coming Great Disaster which many have been warning about since Countdown has started. They learn that Ray had left New Earth and started traveling through the Multiverse, and the first Earth they search is Earth-50, where they begin talking to some of the Wildstorm heroes in hopes of finding Ray, such as the Gen¹³, Grifter, Wetworks, and Stormwatch Prime.

The Challengers finally get a lead when they find a speedster named Surge, who Ray marked as a way to let them know that he left. Suddenly, Surge is killed by Midnighter (via decapitation), who tells them that Surge had assassinated the Pope. The Challengers (except for Bob, along with Jenny Quarx, remains uninvolved) get in battle with the Authority when Majestic intervenes, who tells them that they are no threat and forces the Authority to leave. Donna, Jason, Kyle, and Bob then proceed to check another Earth. Meanwhile, Grunge and Burnout meet Donna's doppelganger Dark Angel, now a servant for the Monitors, who is trying to find the Challengers and stop them.


  • Monarch recalls the "offer" he had made to Kyle Rayner which happened in Ion #10.


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