Cover of the first Marvel issue
Publication information
Publisher Eclipse Comics
Epic Comics
First appearance Eclipse Magazine #2 (1981)
Created by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers
Coyote (comics)

Coyote is a comic book series created by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers.

Publication history

The characters first appeared in Eclipse Magazine #2-8. It would later be reprinted in a color trade paperback, I Am Coyote.

Afterwards, a new comic book series started at Marvel Comics Epic Comics line, that ran 16 issues. It was notable for the first published work of Todd McFarlane. According to Epic editor-in-chief Archie Goodwin, artist Steve Leialoha's departure after issue #2 caused deadline problems that the series never fully recovered from, leading to its early cancellation.[1]

Collected editions

The original Eclipse & Epic series has been reprinted in a series of collections from Image Comics:

  1. Coyote Collection (reprints Eclipse Magazine #2-8, plus Scorpio Rose #1-3)
  2. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #1-4)
  3. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #5-8, including Djinn backup series)
  4. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #9-12, including Djinn & Scorpio Rose backup series)
  5. Coyote Collection (reprints Coyote #13-16, including Scorpio Rose backup series)


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  • Coyote at the International Catalogue of Superheroes

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