Publication information
Publisher D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd
Publication date 18 January 1975 to 11 September 1976
Number of issues 87

Cracker was a British comic printed by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd that ran from the issues dated 18 January 1975 to 11 September 1976 (a total of 87 issues), when it merged with The Beezer. Some material from Cracker was reprinted in Classics from the Comics.

List of Cracker comic strips

These are in alphabetical order and all numbers refer to issues of Cracker.

Strip Title Artist First Appearance Last Appearance Notes
The Astro-nuts Alan Rogers 36 78[1]
Big-Head Branny - The Strong-Arm Janny Barrie Appleby 1 24 About a surly and vindictive janitor
Billy The Kid Gordon Bell 1 87 A strip borrowing heavily from Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, featuring a tearaway with black bushy hair and a mischievous spotted dog called Pongo. Appeared in The Beezer after the merger.
Castaways On Planet Doom Terry Patrick 1 35 An adventure story
Curly's Commandos Barrie Appleby 1 47 About a small gang of children organised along army lines.
Dunder Ed The wonder blunder boy Phil Milar 1 87 Not in 18, 38, 39, 40, 43 to 48, 55, 56, 64, 69, 70, 73 and 82.[2]
Fiends Beans Gordon Bell 25 87
Ghastly Geezer's Gallery Ken Harrison and readers of Cracker. 1 87 Not in 7, 17, 33, and 42.[3] A readers feature where readers sent in pictures of monsters referred to as Ghastly Geezers.
The Head-Hunter's Of Skookum Skool Ken Harrison 1 55 Had previously appeared in Buzz under the name Skookum Skool. Not in 33 & 49.
Hector The Collector John Aldrich 1 55 Not in 49.[4]
Iron Hand Paddy Brennan 1 87 An adventure story about a secret agent with a metal hand, it later moved to The Beezer after the merger.
Jimmy Jest his shadow's a pest Ken Harrison 38 87 About a boy who's shadow would get him into trouble.
Joe Soap John Dallas 1 87 A strip involving a boy and magical soap bubbles. Appeared in The Beezer after the merger.
Little 'Orror David Easington 16 87 Appeared in The Beezer after the merger.
Mad Ads Ken Harrison 1 36 They had a Mad Ads competition on the back page. Readers would send in an ad for a mad contraption and if it was printed, they would get 1 pound. A similar thing appeared in The Dandy in the 2010s.
The Nutters John Geering 1 87 Not in 49. Squabbles between a signalman called Percy Potters plus a family of three squirrels (called Pa, Ma and Junior).
PC McGraw Ken Harrison 70 87 About a policeman who turns into a monkey/gorilla when wet.
Rip Van Tinkle Barrie Appleby 41 87
Sammy Ken Harrison 1 87 The 'Face' of Cracker he featured in a number of features (not comic strips) which were Jest a minute, Sammy's Special Report and Sammy's Wacky Weekly. Jest a minute continued after the merger with The Beezer.
ScrapJack the wacky wizard Unknown 79 87
Scrapper Tom Lavery 1 85 About a kid who liked to get into fights. Appeared in The Beezer after the merger.
Simple Spyman Bill Ritchie 1 87 A spy with a very long beard, dark glasses, and dark-brimmed hat
Slojak Barry Appleby 25 87 Involves a young bald boy detective.
The Snookums Ken Harrison 1 24 A misbehaved class whose strip consisted of large 'action' panels containing with numerous gags.
Spookie Cookie Tom Williams 1 24 A ghost cook in a haunted manor
Spookum Skool Ken Harrison 1 23 Yet another strip derivative of The Bash Street Kids, but set in a haunted castle where the children are Ghosts.
Wonder Wellies Andrew Christine 25 87 Not in 36, 53, 59, 68, and 77.[5] A similarly named and themed strip appeared in Buster.[6]
Young Foo - The Kung Fu Kid Brian Platt 1 87 A Chinese schoolboy martial artist, complete with bare feet as part of his school uniform. Each week he would feud with Bully Basher. Appeared in The Beezer after the merger.


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