Appearing in "Whatever Happened to Orem?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Whatever Happened to Orem?"Edit

This story is a sequel to the Orem story in Creepy Vol 1 85. In it, the sheriff and his deputy go out looking for the people that Orem and his niece have killed and eaten. Orem kills the sheriff and the deputy shoots Orem. The niece turns out to be glad he's dead as she was sneaking out every night for a year to have sex with the creature that was animated from the cast off body parts.

Appearing in "Outcast of Euthenasia"Edit

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Synopsis for "Outcast of Euthenasia"Edit

A clone working at a cloning clinic goes on a rampage killing the staff and blowing up the building as he comes to believe that all clones live with a sense of rejection from their loved ones because they cannot replace the original who died.

Appearing in "Old Man at the Morgue"Edit

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Synopsis for "Old Man at the Morgue"Edit

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    Appearing in "Frankenstein Invades the Universe"Edit

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Synopsis for "Frankenstein Invades the Universe"Edit


Appearing in "Lord of the Flies"Edit

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Synopsis for "Lord of the Flies"Edit

A story of two inner city young black men and their misadventures with a love potion.


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