Appearing in "One Too Many!"Edit

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Synopsis for "One Too Many!"Edit

A man leaves a planet killing all of the zoo animals he possesses except for one, which escapes. A year later he comes back with colleagues to retrieve his property, only for the creature who's escaped to have bred into thousands within the year, which completely overwhelm them.

Appearing in "Royal Guest"Edit

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Synopsis for "Royal Guest"Edit

A story of a boy whose grandfather kept a woman locked up in a golden mask. When the grandfather became sick and passed away, the boy brings her food. Years go by and the plague follows him everywhere he goes. Thinking she's actually the Queen, he returns to where the masked woman is, and finds that she had died of the plague long ago and that he was a carrier of the disease and was responsible for spreading it around Europe. Knowing this, he kills himself.

Appearing in "Blue Mum Day"Edit

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Synopsis for "Blue Mum Day"Edit

A group of archeologists find an Egyptian tomb of a cursed mummy. Inside they also find a glowing meteorite and the mummy, which is an odd blue color. The mummy becomes alive then turns into a blob like creature. While it is trapped in the tomb with the use of dynamite, our heroine ends up turning into a blob like creature as well.

Appearing in "Dr. Jekyll was Right"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dr. Jekyll was Right"Edit

A descendant of Dr. Jekyll pays scientists to create a formula that will bring out the good Mr. Hyde in people. While the formula works, one of the scientists kills him after he uses it.

Appearing in "I'm Only in It for the Money"Edit

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Synopsis for "I'm Only in It for the Money"Edit

A tv host travels to see a voodoo tribe. Although they initially let him video tape them, they eventually chop off his head and shrink it.

Appearing in "The Full Service!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Full Service!"Edit

A man mourning the death of his wife in a car crash is given the opportunity to bring her back to life by the funeral home. He is brought back in time and is given the opportunity to save her.

Appearing in "Boxed In!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Boxed In!"Edit

A boy playing with friends is forced to play a corpse and is buried alive. When adults come, his friends are forced to run off without rescuing him. One of the friends sees the coffin crushed and then sees the boy's ghost. While it ended up being a joke, he ends up trapped in a refrigerator that falls into a body of water, such that he is essentially buried alive.


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