Appearing in "Change into Something Comfortable"Edit

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Synopsis for "Change into Something Comfortable"Edit

A werewolf runs around on Halloween, enjoying himself by killing trick or treaters, gang members, and pretty much anyone else who he encounters. He eventually comes across a mansion which he attacks, only to find that the inhabitants are fellow monsters like him, part of the freak show he used to work for. The monsters then make him their dinner!

Appearing in "An Excuse for Violence"Edit

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Synopsis for "An Excuse for Violence"Edit

This story features a vampire on a college campus whose attacks are contributing to a tough racial situation between white and black people. Oddly enough the vampire is a black man who transforms into a white one after becoming a vampire.

Appearing in "Shriek Well Before Dying!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Shriek Well Before Dying!"Edit

A con artist marries a young woman because he wants to bump off her father and get his money. He eventually is able to get the father to have a heart attack and die, but the father comes back from the grave to get his revenge. In the end the daughter goes crazy and lives with his corpse, whom she keeps in her house.

Appearing in "Soul and Shadow"Edit

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Synopsis for "Soul and Shadow"Edit

A warrior sneaks into a tomb to find a treasure, finding a sleeping woman there. She awakens and he fights off a group of demons. Soon afterwards however a shadow comes after him and kills him. It ends up the whole thing was a ruse to get him to kill the demons, which the woman could not.

Appearing in "The Walking Nightmare!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Walking Nightmare!"Edit

This story features an outbreak that occurs that causes some to go on a murderous rage and others to just pass out.


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