Appearing in "Goodbye, Mr. Lincoln"Edit

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Synopsis for "Goodbye, Mr. Lincoln"Edit

A very interesting story surrounding a woman whose son is murdered. At the police station she explains that her son is actually the reincarnation of a slave boy who had a spell cast on him by an old woman. After the boy's death, he is reincarnated as leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, but is always assassinated. In the modern era, Satan's forces captured the woman and her son and killed him. While the policeman believes his story, he leaves her in the care of another person, who is actually a demon, who kills her for talking.

Appearing in "Ensnared"Edit

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Synopsis for "Ensnared"Edit

This story features a man who wakes up and finds himself trapped in an elevator. After much anguish, he finally gets out, but it is revealed to be part of an experiment performed by robots.

Appearing in "A Flash of Lightning"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Flash of Lightning"Edit

A mysterious man comes across a man's farm and starts working for the farmer. Soon afterwards mysterious deaths start occurring, that appear to be the work of a vampire, which is of course the man who just appeared. The farmer comes across the man with his daughter and they get in a fight, and the man is accidentally stabbed by a sharp piece of wood, killing him. As the story ends, it is revealed that the daughter is pregnant.

Appearing in "My Monster My Dad"Edit

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Synopsis for "My Monster My Dad"Edit

A rather bizarre story about a boy who hates his black stepfather, thinking he's a monster. He has multiple dreams, including one where he stabs his step father, and that occurs in real life.

Appearing in "In Darkness it Shall End"Edit

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Synopsis for "In Darkness it Shall End"Edit

A vampire kills a woman who is a lover of his. Another lover of the woman discovers that he is a vampire and comes after him, and chases him, eventually striking a stake through his heart. Unfortunately hundreds of years later in the modern era someone removes the stake, causing the vampire to rise again.

Appearing in "Imp of the Perverse"Edit

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Synopsis for "Imp of the Perverse"Edit

Poe's story.


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